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Taken from Guitar Magazine - January 1997


Here is a small taster of Nick's favourite machinghead tweakings plus some chordal ideas to get you going. Note that the little 'headstock' diagrams are viewed from the front, and although these altered tunings are shown in progressive order of alteration the headstocks show the changes from standard tuning. Use whichever fingerings you find easiet. Also, unless you just happen to have a set of mega-heavy strings around, forget all about Nick's predilection for low tuning his guitar and base your twiddlings around the usual EADGBE instead. As ever, experiment, alter and enjoy ...

EADGA (standard)
'Sometimes I'll be messing around with mad tunings and end up with something great and think "Wow! What's this?" And of course it's just standard tuning... The first four chords are one thing I do, the second six are another.'
EADGBD (dropped high D)
'This one's mainly good for playing normal chords and seeing how they come out. Like this sort of thing...'
DADGBD (double dropped D)
'Again, normal shaped chords can sound really good. Or just experiment: These are some of the chords from Before they put me in the ground
DADGAD (classic modal tuning)
'This is a fingerpicked sequence from a new song called, um, Ghost Of Your Touch. Probably...'
DADF#BE (Harper special)
'This is really nice. It's like an open D chord on the bottom four strings, but the top two strings are in standard.'
Nick Harper - Harperspace