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Nick Harper - Harperspace
Nick Harper - Harperspace


Taken from Guitar Magazine - January 1997

Harper's Heros

GEORDIE - Killing Joke riffmeister, electric dropped D pioneer
'Probably the most graceful player ever. Great riffs. Hugely original chord voicings and an amazing sound. Listen to the riff in Tension from What's This For, or The Hum from Revelations. He's been a massive influence on me. he plays a gorgeous big gold Gibson ES295; when I'm rich I'm going to buy one just for posing in front of the mirror. Love him to death.'

STEPHEN STILLS - Underrated player too often tarred with the hippy brush
'A real one off - so much emotion, and such a great songwriter. He can be pretty scrappy now and then. He's from the same school of playing as Neil Young - not many notes, but a lot of feeling. I'd recommend Black Queen from his solo album and 4 + 20 from Crosby, Stills and Young's Deja Vu. Which has the guitar tuned to something like Eb-Eb-Eb-Eb-Eb-B! Wild!'

FRANK ZAPPA - Legend, Icon etc., happily partial to extended improvs
'I love Zappa's guitar playing - he was just so original. And he had a great sound... d'you know Pojama People from One Size Fits All? He's nurtured so many players and done so many great things for music. I love the way he brought modern classical orchestral stuff into rock and still managed to write totally puerile lyrics.'

ANDY GILL - R & B via Mars from the Gang of Four slash and burn specialist
'I devoured Andy Gill's stuff for about a year solid. I don't play anything like him, but I know it's all in there somewhere. Entertainment - what a brilliant album! At Home He Feels Like a Tourist, To Hell With Poverty... great riff, great sound, so original.'

DJANGO REINHARDT - Digitally challenged king of Gypsy jazz guitar
'I can't play anything like him but I'd love to learn someday. If I want some music to put on during a meal or something, it's always Django. He gives such a beautiful ambiance.'

ROY HARPER - Pater, singer/songwriter,maverick. Keen fans include Jimmy Page
'He's actually a great player, and could have been greater, but he chose to go lyrically and poetically instead. There's a beautiful piece called Che on an album called Valentine, a really intricate Spanish type thing... his fingerpicking can be pretty special, but it's always locked into the songs. I think that's the paramount thing with him.'

HUGH CORNWELL - Strangler frontman with natty line in finely honed guitar parts
'He's a very pre-planned kind of guitarist, but the way he mixes rhythm and lead is just amazing. Listen to Princess Of The Pack off Rattus Norvegicus. I'm a fan.'

GLENN TILBROOK - Squeeze tunesmith; bit of a devil with a Tele, too.
'So underrated! I recently did a gig at the Borderline in London with a drummer, my brother Felix on bass and Glenn - and Glenn's guitar playin... aaargh! It felt a privilege to stand on-stage with him. He's not on my record, cos I'm afraid of being overshadowed.'

JIMI HENDRIX - Little-known rock guitarist
'I hesitate to mention these last two, the Jimmys, because I know everyone does. What can you say about Hendrix? IT just comes out clichéd. Set new standards, put back the boundaries, blah, blah, blah.'

JIMMY PAGE - Dark prince of all things strummable and /or riff shaped
'Page is one of my very favourite players. I absolutely love his playing. I love the way he plays a torrent of notes then hangs on the most emotive one at the end. For me he's one of the most moving soloists ever.'

Nick Harper - Harperspace