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Avebury Rocks 2

There is now detailed information at the dedicated Avebury Rocks site.

Avebury Rocks is a combined sponsored walk and concert in the heart of Wiltshire with the Avebury stone circle as the centrepiece. AR is inspired by the events hosted by the Love Hope Strength Foundation, set up to improve levels of care around the world for families suffering with cancer.

There are again two walks this year - a 20 mile walk through some of the best and most magical scenery the UK has to offer, jam-packed with history and points of interest and at the height of crop circle season! The 5 mile walk is where we expect families and others to join us in a celebratory 'last lap' as we head into Avebury itself.

Google this lot: Avebury stone circle, Avebury manor (look out for low flying Penelope Keiths), Cherhill white horse, Oldbury castle, the Wansdyke, Tan hill, Milk hill, Adam's Grave, Swallowhead springs, East and West Kennet long barrow!

If that's not enough to raise the spirits we will have some music along the way and at the lunch stop, before the star studded finale concert in the evening. ALL WALKERS GET FREE ENTRY TO THE CONCERT! And if that's not enough, don't forget that all this will in aid of two great local causes in the Prospect Hospice in Wroughton and CALM a charity set up to help families whose children have been hit by leukaemia.

So don't wait - it's the event of the year! Sign up now and start getting the sponsorship in!



Avebury Rocks 'flyby'.

I've walked the Avebury Rocks route and taken a few pics. I thought there will be some of you out there who want to know what they've let themselves in for and others who want to see what they're missing. So I've put together a 'flyby' affair in Google Earth for ya. It's a magical route and is going to be a great day. There isn't much hilly stuff, but it's still quite a challenge. You'd better have those boots worn in....

OK you wanna walk the walk? Here's how:

1***Install the latest free version of Google Earth if you haven't already.

2***Click on this link to download .kmz file: Avebury Rocks Route.kmz

3***Drag and drop the .kmz file you just downloaded on to the main window of Google Earth.

4***Open the folder 'Avebury Rocks Route.kmz' that appears in 'Temporary Places' folder in the 'Places' list on the left of the Google Earth page.

5***Click on 'Avebury Rocks Route' that appears underneath that.

6***Click the icon that appears below and looks like this:

In a few seconds the walk should play before your very eyes.
A pause/stop/FF/Rew control can be accessed by hovering the cursor over the main page.
(Click the FF button a couple of times to go faster etc.)

You can double click on the pics to see the terrain/views where you are on the map. They take a second or two to load during the 'walk' and then you can resume the journey by pressing play on the navigator. Otherwise you can just double click the picture title from the list on the left or the map view to see them.

Have fun. NH


Avebury Rocks is go!

The latest adventure with Love Hope Strength is a little closer to home this time. On Saturday July 9th 2011 I will be taking part in a sponsored walk and sing-song fest with like minded souls across the ancient and magical Wiltshire countryside in an effort to raise some much needed funds for the hospice where my mum died. The event is inspired by Love Hope Strength's more ambitious treks, but this one is enabling me to do something I've been meaning to since my mum was looked after so well at the Prospect Hospice with all proceeds from this event going to them. So my journey with the foundation will sort of come full circle as I first got involved with them in an eerie, synchronistic way as you can find out by reading on below.

The walk will begin and end at the Avebury stone circle - older and bigger in scope than Stonehenge - and cover about 20 miles of fabulous scenery across the Ridgeway - the oldest 'road' in Britain. 20 miles?! - Yes the idea is to earn the day so to speak, but if that's too scary a shorter route has been devised of about 6 miles. Otherwise you could just attend the finale concert in Avebury and do your bit by screaming and shouting and being generally encouraging then..

There will be a galaxy of stars in attendance to keep everyone entertained for the whole day - who knows who you might be walking next to?

For more information and/or to register look here.

It's gonna be the best - don't miss it! LHS Nick x


We did it! Kilimanjaro.. harder than the Everest trek - much more of a physical test. There were a few of us who nearly didn't make it and probably a couple who might not have tried in other circumstances, but no, we all made it. Apparently a 100% success rate is unheard of for a group of 25. Even Roman Abramovich didn't make it the week before us with a team of 200 porters! The money raised so far (and counting) will be used to build a childrens cancer treatment centre in Arusha. This is the closest city to Kilimanjaro, where many of our porters hailed from. A place of startling poverty where the help offered by the foundation will be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference. If you want to go ahead and donate right away then use the logo on the left. If you want to learn how I got involved with the charity and why it is so important to me then please read on..

In early 2007 a mutual friend recommended Mike Peters to get in touch with me to talk about a foundation he had set up with US rock business dude James Chippendale to fight cancer. They have both fought off forms of leukaemia and wanted to take the fight to places that could use some extra help. Mike called me at home where my mother is buried. She had died of cancer some years before. Incredibly Mike called on her birthday. As he spoke of the goals of the foundation to bring up to date cancer care to people who didn't have it, I looked out over my mum's spot in the garden and I knew this was it..

I can hang a song around my old guitar, but, that's about it really. So in these days where everyone tries to do their bit to redistribute the wealth a little bit more fairly than politicians and business seem to want to do, I'd found a place where I could use what I do to help others. I knew that the diversion from my normally self-centred 'artistic' view would do me good too. And the trek that 38 of us westerners undertook to the summit of Kala Pattar in the high Himalaya did everything I'd hoped for and so much more.

It was as if everything you knew, but couldn't think to see was held up in front of you, magnified and held for you to contemplate for a moment.

We are tiny little creatures in this vast universe. We are the same and we need each other.

Anyway you knew that already..

Last year we went to the spiritual heart of the Incas to play a few songs at Macchu Pichu. It promised to be another incredible trek with amazing scenery and emotional and physical highs and lows. Sounds great doesn't it? A jolly for the rock stars? (and me). Well, Everest Rocks has raised an incredible amount of money for the Bakhtapur Cancer Centre in Nepal to make it the state-of-the- art cancer hospital in the region and help it be self-sufficient. Fund raising by Love Hope Strength will continue there and if you want to send some cash to Nepal via Everest Rocks, click on the 'donate' banner on the left.

Last year LHS raised a substantial amount for equipment and (just as important in Peru) education, that will save thousands of lives there. You can still trace the trek via the Peru Rocks site navigable by clicking on the Peru Rocks banner above left. If you want to go straight ahead and donate, click on the logo on the left.

Thanks for reading this it means a lot to me.

Nick x


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