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WELCOME to RAIDERS of the lost ARCHIVE 2006


2 DEC 2006

Free CD

A limited quantity of the promotional single with 'Love Junky' and 'Imaginary Friend' from the album 'Blood Songs' are being given away with every t-shirt purchase. We thought hey, people might just love the excellent 'Plan 9 From Harperspace' t-shirt and not even know the music so we thought we'd give em a little taster..Get your free copy by ordering a t-shirt from the online shop.

20 NOV 2006

May/June Tour Dates Announced!

In a fit of presumably short-lived organisation the dates for May/June have been announced. As the gigs are actually put on sale the box office numbers and web links will be appear on the tour page. There may also be one or two one-off gigs during the winter and possibly a few festivals after that. The DVD is being assembled by our meccano experts as we speak, but recording of a new CD is hampering efforts! Therefore both discs will probably be released within half an hour of each other sometime in 2007!Check out the dates here..

17 NOV 2006

Nick Harper 007

Yes indeed folks there is no let up. With the last chord of 2006 still ringing all around the Wirral, incredibly we are proud and excited to bring you news of a UK tour next May/June. We are just waiting on a few confirmations, before releasing the dates. It looks like being a hectic time with both the legendary DVD and a new CD due for release around the tour. Keep your browsers peeled...

13 NOV 2006

You wanna be in the DVD?

If you would like to be immortalised, well for as long as a DVD can hold data anyway, then get yourself down to the Borderline gig on Wednesday night and approach the nice cameraman and hold forth. You may wish to espouse the talent of our favourite litle hero; it may be a case of describing your favourite gig of Nick's; maybe even your favourite song; it could of course be a matter of moneys owed; paternity?! Well whatever just get it off your chest (topless would be good - we need eye-candy) The gig info is here.

20 OCT 2006

London Date and Venue Change

Apologies to all concerned, but the London date has been moved to the Borderline on 15th November and the gig at the Arts Theatre in Soho has been cancelled. It is a very frustrating turn of events for Nick as well as the people who have already bought tickets/made plans and obviously this is due to circumstances beyond Nick's control. New info here.

16 SEP 2006

October Tour

Dates are almost finalised for the UK tour in October. There will be a few more gigs in the autumn and we will post them on the tour page as and when they are confirmed here.

13 JULY 2006

Another day - another free gig

It might cost a few bob to get there though...

Hi Folks - Harpic here! Hope you're having a good summer..

Indeed I'm playing in Rochefort as part of a summer festival. The line up looks suspiciously like a number of waifs and strays picked up from performances in the past at La Java in Paris and displays a cavalier attitude by the organisers in inviting the mainly Anglo-Saxon artistes involved so close to the precious things (Bordeaux vineyards), which are normally only really for the local shops and for the local people. I'm due to play at 18.00 in the Theatre Gardens (they wouldn't actually let me inside). It's a freebie for the sheer altruism of spreading the music (man) and the fun of it all. It's also another genius career move in my bid to reconquer La France and maybe get another gig at La Java..I suppose hitching probably won't work, but if you ARE in the area it would be churlish not to come and say, "show us your bum" or something equally English and/or witty.

Allez Les Harps!

12 JULY 2006

Make that 2 free gigs.

Nick is also helping open the new Oxfam shop in Marlborough with a few songs sometime in the afternoon of the 21st July. It's also free, but maybe you could buy those Christmas cards a little early and avoid the rush..

12 JULY 2006

Free Gig

Nick will playing at The Bear in Marlborough on 21st July. It will be a night amongst friends with a relaxed atmosphere and it's free to get in. The legendary Ben Jones is also on the bill so anything could happen..tour page.

11 JULY 2006

Newport Cancelled

Nick will not be playing a set of his songs in Newport on the 14th July. Sincere apologies to anyone who has made plans to go to this one, but the gig is definitely CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. Details not here..

6 MAY 2006

More summer gigs

Nick will be playing a set of Roy's songs with the man himself at the Barfly in London in aid of the Warchild charity on June 1st. For one night only Nick will be of tangible benefit to society and the ticket money put to good use for once, instead of being squandered on cigars,champagne and gambling as usual. Also news of the L'Esprit Manouche festival in Birmingham later in the summer. Details here..

3 MAY 2006

London Gigs

As well as playing the legendary 12 Bar Club next week our boy is also doing a set at The Oxford pub in Kentish Town this Sunday. It's a small place and pre-booking is advised. The format is loose as yet, there will be a number of people playing and anything could happen! Details here..

3 FEB 2006

Treasure Island on the High Street!

Not sure if you trust this world wide web shop thingy yet? Worried that 'they' will have all your personal details on file forever, ready to persecute and hound you? Remember "Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you".. Not sure about buying from Nick or one of Nick's dodgy mates at a gig? Fear not! The new album is available on the high street at a reputable CD retailer near you now. Get it while you can folks, yes this archaic over the counter trading will soon be a thing of the past so go and order 10 copies and look forward to awe-stricken wonderment on your grandchildrens' faces as you go misty eyed, recounting how you drove your petrol car into town and bought these huge unwieldy discs that only contained an hour of music from an actual person, on the official release of your favourite singer/guitarist's 8th CD, now the world unrenowned zimmer frame soloist..

28 JAN 2006

Filling in the Gaps!

Nick ruminates and spills the beans on the mini tour with his band last summer

Details here..

26 JAN 2006

No Spring Tour

In a change to your regular programming there are no plans for a UK tour later this Spring. Nick will be playing a few festivals in the summer, but there won't be a run of dates until the Autumn. So if you want to catch a flight to Harperspace before festival time it's got to be the gigs listed for February - just thought you ought to know.. Details here..

6 JAN 2006

Nick On Tour Again!

Back by popular demand Nick is doing a small spasm of gigs this February. Included in the schedule are a return to the Lamp in Hull after 10 years and a lurve in at Dingwalls on Valentines's Day. Details here..

7 DEC 2005

Nottingham gig sold out!

Tickets for the Nottingham gig at Hotel Deux have completely sold out - there may be a way in along the ventilation shaft or if you can get hold of an invisibility cloak..

4 DEC 2005

Newport Date Cancelled!

Gig in Newport has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Apologies if you were planning to attend this one - Check here for no details.

29 NOV 2005

Mr Kyps Live Music Venue

Another chance for your 15 minutes of fame! The 30th November gig at Mr Kyps Live Music Venue in Poole will also feature our talented film crew to collect yet more footage for the spectacular forthcoming live DVD. Secure your place in history by having an arm, the back of your head, or possibly even a 'wild dancing leg' appear alongside my guitar noodling (which of course the crew will be making SOME feeble attempts to capture at some point during the evening!). Come on down!

11 NOV 2005

Surround sound gig.

Anyone out there still dally-dillying as to whether to make the short trip to Invershin House for the gig on 15th November should bear in mind that it is going to be presented in surround sound for some extraordinary aural effects and is going to be filmed for the forthcoming legendary live DVD. So get yourself immortalised throwing fruit/going wild/staring slack-jawed/covering your ears in the company of our very own 'special one'. Tour page

2 NOV 2005

New website up and running, allegedly.

Officials are apparently thrilled as they cut the red tape on the new, improved website for a new, improved Britain. I for one can guarantee that this site will be updated at least as much as the old one and possibly even more than the previous administration managed. And let me make it perfectly clear..that when I write something else later on it may or may not be worth reading or indeed writing, then, or at any other time deemed fit after proper consultation with the relevant bodies and with due consideration with the correct procedure for this type of writing. This is basically joined-up thinking about a 21st century web site for 21st century people living in a 21st century world.

More news on this as soon as we know more.

31 OCT 2005

Newport Date Changed

Gig in Newport has been rescheduled for December 15th - Check here for details.

3 OCT 2005

New Album Mastered

The new album 'Treasure Island' has been mastered at Optimum Mastering in Bristol and I'm very pleased with the result. Mastering is the final, crucial process in the life of the audio before production. It involves a highly skilled and experienced audio engineer tweaking the final mixes so the CD forms a harmonious whole, taking into account volume, equalization, general flow, momentum, dynamics and other highly esoteric engineering secrets, including making sure the CD plays track 5 when you press '5' on your remote..


2 OCT (3 a.m.)

New Album Finished!

Finished the new album! Finally recorded the verse that I'd been performing around the country earlier this year as the clock ticked down and cabin fever really set in. It's called 'A Wiltshire Tale' and is a celebration of the county I happen to live in and fits in well with the Treasure Island concept. (You're the treasure see?) Overall this is probably the most eclectic CD yet, with verse, pop, acoustics, rock, orchestras and even Bushwhacking that hopefully ensure there's not a dull moment.


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