The Last Guitar

Nick Harper

  1. One Of The 38 04:35
  2. For You 03:14
  3. The Story Of My Heart 03:07
  4. Ama Dablam 02:41
  5. Passing Chord 04:08
  6. Hey Bomb 02:37
  7. Freestyle 04:20
  8. Pop Fiction 04:28
  9. On 06:07
  10. Jim Crow Is Dead 04:31
  11. The Last Guitar 03:08
  12. Silly Daddy 03:03

At last Nick releases the follow-up to the acclaimed 'Miracles..'. With songs from his treks to play concerts for the Love Hope Strength Foundation on Mt. Everest, Machu Picchu, Mt. Kilimanjaro and beyond; A Film Noiresque short story put to music, and the singing debut of his daughter Lily amongst others this one is a rocker with a heart. released October 6, 2010
Written, recorded and Produced by NH. Mixed by Tchad Blake.

Bass on For You by Billy-Bob Noxious Pop Fiction drums by Jacker Silly Daddy vocal by Lily Harper Additional sonic cherries and production by Tchad Blake

Photography and artwork by Fal.

Ayes and ears: Jackie, Tank, Borth, Jo, Matt. E. Jones, Sarah, Cliff, Charlotte, Felix, Cy, Fal, Karen, Justin and Lily.

Thanks: Steve at Weatherbox Mike, James and Shannon and everyone else involved with the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation: Last, but not least: Brian Dunn

Hey Bomb? were the last words of Sgt. Pinback (not his real name) (RIP) The Story Of My Heart is a beautiful little book written by Richard Jeffries Nicky Slionski narrated Pop Fiction and was inspired by Stash, Rigby Reardon and Dave Graney. Jim Crow Is Dead came from a moment of optimism when Obama got in. ..38 On and Ama.. are inspired by Love Hope Strength, Monica Weston and Nepal and it's people. the rest you know. They are all in there somewhere.

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