Nick Harper

"As I read the book of the same name by George MacDonald in 1982, I lived on the edge of a forest and used to travel into it in pursuit of a local beauty who I was obsessed with. The book is about a young man's travels into an enchanted forest in search of a marble lady who he is obsessed with. During 2020 this coincidence came back to me and I decided to echo the feel of the novel, the feel of the other-worldly present day during lockdown and also document my own old love story in a 10 song narrative that led to a kiss.. This dreamworld memory is depicted with just vocal, an Eastwood electric baritone guitar called IGOR and some cunning use of 21st century tech, to represent a living, ghostly band. I hope you enjoy the dream.." Nick x

Guitar & Vocal: Nick Harper | Mixed by Tchad Blake

  1. Welcome 2. The History Of The kiss 3. Mama's Boy 4. A Mote Of light 5. Love And Light And Laughter My Friend 6. The Staging Post 7. Phantastes 8. 9. The Moment Came 10. Echoes Of Love
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