1. Mama's Boy

From the recording Phantastes

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When the darkness of the beginning was upon the face of the deep
In the loving arms of my mother I slept protected in the depths of our dreams
We’d lie side by side Mama’s boy and the beatified
Oh but how are children to know of all the love they need let alone the joy they give as you watch them sleep?
But the time came one day to put all those childish things away
And get out there boy and discover someone other in whose arms I could stay And lie side by side where I’d vow I would abide for all time
But how was I to know that all those echoes of love would keep on rolling back to me? Yes it’s true I guess I’m a mama’s boy
Call me a mama’s boy
Say what you like
How it was is how it is
Mama’s boy
Say what you like
Love you Mum