From the recording Phantastes

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They say a pot of Roman gold was found at one end of that rainbow
Between this world and the next
Where the one-eyed Magpie watches me walk by again
All the way from the life-giver river in the West

To the white horse by the white house Both standing there in the rain On the corner of Choppingknife Lane
Shelter! With my friends at either end of that rainbow
Pure, real gold
They opened the door and they took me in Just when I needed it the most
At the staging post
Other dreams came in from the blue and fairly hid the kiss from view
Six string salutations ran imagination through
My spirit stretched out as it rested safe at the halfway house But my soul was always looking out for you
Shelter! I stumbled in
The bone-weary spaced-out lovelorn ghost And I never forgot the kindness I got
Just when I needed it the most At the staging post
From here I can see the beginning and on and beyond
Where I live now is where I lived then Distance, time, nothing’s really gone Nothing’s really gone,
I’m still here
Shelter! Shelter! Shelter! My friends Shelter! When you need it the most
At the staging post
There but for the grace of the kiss go I
And you know I am but one of many spirits here
Resting from the road So come on, come on, come on, join the host
At the staging post