From the recording Phantastes

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I have all the chemicals working together
I have studied all the mad professors of old Though my previous experiments were failures I’m much closer to success than anyone knows
By my calculations we are go!
I made myself a love machine
Pure imagination keeps the whole reaction growing
Though impurities have a way of getting back in
The obsession keeps the elemental music flowing
But I sometimes smash it all up and start again
And though I give this dream all I’ve got to give to keep it going
I’ll never know what it was that stopped me giving in
But in the end without me even really knowing
The experiment’s conclusion stirred within Behold! The creature lives!
I’ve made myself a love machine
And you can check my workings out in every equation
Follow the formula falling into place
From the flash of the genesis all through to the solution
You don’t need to be a scientist to follow the trace It’s all written plain as day across my face
I have made my self a love machine