1. Black Friday

From the recording Lies! Lies! Lies!

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So this is it
Some kind of culmination
The zenith, the pinnacle, the realisation
Of millennia of dreams
Of countless generations
Is this the masterpiece of our civilisation? Every one of us
And the corporations
Sharing in the rewards
This is it, the perfect combination
This is everything we’ve worked towards Black Friday - bringing people together Black Friday - and the passion is real
Black Friday - it’s the bestest ever
Black Friday - everything is a steal
So here we are
United one and all
On the edge of town at the shopping mall In a common goal
All ages, all colours and creeds
Swallowing lies because we want to believe Our desires turned into needs
Millennia of dreams
Collections themes
Stepping stones
Connecting me
To my shiny things
I will fight for my things
I will fight for my dreams
I will fight you for my dreams