1. Dark Forces

From the recording Lies! Lies! Lies!

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The act is done
And a warrior surveys the land below
The summit of a body-strewn hill
Double-bladed bloody axe in his hands Victorious, lord of these lands
Corpses carrion for the crows
Blood sealed deeds and a barley mow People loot the vanquished foes
And look to the warrior
Look to the warrior for protection from Dark Forces
The warrior-landlord lets the people stay Men and women praise him as their children play
In the fortress with his fighting band Safeguarded they sally forth to the hinterland
A beacon of protection from
Dark Forces
A bad year, crops fail, hunger in the citadel, fear grips
Talk of freedom, a new Eden, everything slips
Foment, talk of injustice and the power at his fingertips
Something tells the landlord
The taste of reckoning is what is on his lips Clever landlord, builds a printing press Words circulate, people talk of another day Democracy, congress
They go along with what the word says: Vote for the landlord Vote for the landlord Vote for the landlord for protection from Dark Forces
The people are not satisfied
Won't buy the lies that lie between the lines Revolt! And the mob is made to rise
Justice on their minds and in their eyes
And the landlord-warrior faces the facts Waits at the summit of cemetery hill
For the start of the act
With a double-bladed blood-stained axe
A double-bladed blood-stained axe for protection from
Dark Forces