1. Love Is Due

From the recording Riven

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A song about baggage and finding a good handler..


A suitcase pushes through at the sound of the bell
On the journey going round on the carousel
But the figure walks away and leaves it circling there
Light on his feet, no burden to bear
A spring in his step, to the airport bar,
A jug of water, a bottle of Ricard
And then he starts to sing a tune called 'Love Is Due'
Could he be you?
Could it be you singing 'Love is Due'?

The weary waitress washes a glass
He raises his, salutes and laughs like a fool
Nothing to lose
So the glass goes up on its shelf
But her eyes let something of herself come through, Something comes through

And the muted news loops on the screen
There's noone else there to be seen
So she says, "Hey Elvis what're you singing and who you singing to?"
He looks around, flicks a brow, curls his lip up and down, swivels his hips around and says , "You baby, I'm singing to you and I'm singing 'Love is Due'"

Well they laugh like the best of friends
She works through her break until the end, she works through, straight through
Cool and wise she understands
Like only strangers can yeah she's cool, she's cute too

As they make to say goodbye with not a little tenderness
She takes his arm and starts to confess she is charmed and
She says,"Yes, I believe it's true most things are better shared and I could share with you, and love is due
For me for you (I mean timewise.)"

And she says, "So…this suitcase
Are you going to go back and pick it up?
You know you're drunk – what if you drop it and it spills all your private stuff?
Sending all your secrets spinning
All across the concourse floor
There could be hundreds looking at this baggage of yours
As they wait to be called to board at the gates
To fly to the white cliffs and the blue water round the cape
Leaving you slightly stiff, truly slaughtered and agape
Giving off a mighty whiff of aniseed breath
And all abashed from your involuntary confessional, Trashed,
Knowing you more..knowing you know they know you more
Knowing you know it’s true
Knowing you know it’s true
That you carry all this stuff around with you and you don't need to - it's not something you need to do - it's so heavy you're going to get a limp and you're going to stoop
Ah, You know you’ve got to love yourself first
Love is due"
She said, "Love is due"
(It was quite a speech)
She said, "Love is due"
And then she said, "Ooo"

There's a rainbow as he walks into out the day
It's warm, it's wet and it's grey, but there's patches of blue With the sun coming through
And you can't tell if it's tears or the rain falling on his face
He throws his empty arms out into the space that she walks into and at last they embrace and then he says, "This is how it starts - let me carry you always, I'll carry you always, Love is due, like a train, I'll carry you, always"