From the recording Riven

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Music corporeal. Written alongside 'Pop Fiction' from the 2010 album 'The Last Guitar'.


Music changes her clothes and does her hair
New bells ring on her twinkle toes as she goes up the golden stair
The beat my heart well knows though no senses guide it there
Because an elemental force shows the way, the why, the where
Music full of drunken promise offers up her open hands
Naked bare and honest to come to be the only plan
Sheets shift like endless underwater seas of sand
Oh so slowly bearing other gifts from other lands

All of this time
Dancing out of my mind
All the kisses I sent you
From the heart of every song
In the hope you know life loves you
And that we haven’t got long

Music lies undressed and adorns the bed that’s never made
She was ever blessed and graced the places that we laid
Silence breaks and confesses to the sound she makes
And turns to song and festival wherever the Piper plays

Music looks me in the eye and sings the infinite song
That played way before my time and will play way beyond
To the resolution of pi from the biggest bang of the biggest gong
I’m going to take that ride if only for a moment long