1. Riven

From the recording Riven

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The jester in tears..


The show will go on in troubled times
She'll get through
She's going to set the world alight
Broken in two - Riven

The party goes on all around
The jester in tears - Riven

First they learned of the birds and the bees
Then sent out incendiaries

Treading water in the dark
Feeling it move because of the shark - Riven

This dream could cost the Earth - Riven

Summer green to autumn leaves
In the orchard of the tearaway trees
As watery eyes see the landfill abide
On the site set aside for the psyche to breathe
And the only living space you'll ever need
Is buried there waiting to set you free

Objects of desire
Instruments of torture - Riven

So the hunter-gatherer returns
Cities to loot, cities to burn - Riven

This beautiful dream - Riven

When everyone looks to the crack in the sky
I'll remember the gaze in the old man's eyes
Weeping for the water of life
All there will be will be what you can cry - Riven