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Don't worry - it's not the end of the world ..


Where are we?
We're on the edge of the desert looking up at the reflection of the sea
Some journey we're on you and me
Better to share it with a friend
This is not our journey's end
It was a nice ride, but lets stop the car
You and me can roam afar
Better the countless sights to spy
Cause for us,
The beginning is nigh

I was hanging with the Flat Earth Society
Til we fell out
It was a spectacular fall
Granted from a precarious position
On the most precious cosmic dartboard of them all
But it's hard to believe in gravity
When you're so high
Where the burning boulders collide
Never mind
We're not gonna cry
It’s not like it’s the end of the world
No. For us the beginning is nigh

Look up see the Sun chase around the Earth
Not so long ago they’d have you killed if you’d said otherwise
It was judicious to agree
Even if you didn't.. sympathise
Anyway we’re gonna to leave all that behind
You and me found a way to survive
Like they’ve been saying all along
For us
The beginning is nigh