From the recording The Last Guitar

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Here’s a story, a rough guide,
I didn’t write it down because it’s coming from the inside,
It’s a story with no names, no times, no places,
A story with no games, just the rhymes of the faces,
Yes I climbed another mountain,
Yes I dropped another coin in another fountain
And the creature’s back from the black abyss,
I told you a kiss is never just a kiss,
I told you at the start
This is the story of my heart

This is a story from the campfire when the blaze burns low,
And the embers tire and you get up to go,
One look in my eyes and it will all burst aflame,
One look and you will know why it’ll never be the same,
The face rock solid with the tears that cried themselves dry,
It’s not a singalong,
It’s not a joke,
It’s not a lullaby for a tethered goat,
I told you at the start,
This is the story of my heart.