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Everyone’s arriving, by plane, by train, by car,
We’ve been punching through the horizon,
To hear the last chord struck on the last guitar,
We’ve taken care of the arrangements,
For the six string scimitar,
We’ve sent seven billion invitations,
To hear the last chord struck on the last guitar,
The last guitar

Drain the last wine lakes make your last big mistakes,
Because anything goes at the end of sale bazaar,
We’ll have the last chicken wings,
The last pineapple rings as the very last fat lady sings,
With rockets for drums and bullets for la la las
We’ll have the last dance, the last romance and nothing will be left to chance,
We’ll have the very last cigar,
We’ll sing all the myths and fables as we jump up on the tables
At the global kamikaze karaoke bar
With the last guitar

I’m not surprised to see you here,
At the biggest bash by far,
Anyone who is anyone will have to hitch a ride on a shooting star
That’s right folks there is no aftershow tonight,
It’s the last guitar